• Dermal O3 - 60 Capsules

Dermal O3

Advanced natural treatment for skin soreness, itching and scratching in dogs

If your dog suffers from sore or itchy skin, and you have tried numerous creams, shampoos, special diets and even prescriptions from the Vet, you may well wonder if there is anything more you can do to relieve your dogs itching.

Scratching symptoms in dogs are often caused by types of allergy triggered by the environment, parasites or food. Whatever the cause, your dog’s immune system over responds and produces too much of the hormone histamine, resulting in an itchy skin that leads to scratching soreness and ultimately infection.

Identifying and removing the cause of allergies can be very difficult and so your vet will probably use immuno-suppressant drugs like cyclosporine (Atopica) or steroids to calm down the immune systems excess response. While these may work well in many cases you may also need a long-term solution that can be given safely, economically and without side effects.

Dermal O3 is a breakthrough product that controls your dog’s immune system from within using three clinically proven natural ingredients in combination together for the very first time.

Dermal-O3 has no side effects and its natural ingredients are safe to take long term


Salmon Omega 3 Fatty Acid Extract

Dermal O3 skin care is the ONLY Omega-3 skin supplement for dogs with the fatty acids DHA/EPA in a biologically active, phospholipid form - as they naturally occur in salmon (not chemically altered) ensuring that they travel to the skin cells and are incorporated in the cell walls with up to 50 times greater bio-availability than all other Omega 3 oils.

Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide)

A soluble form of vitamin B3, when present in exceptionally high levels has been found to reduce the production of Histamine (responsible for skin inflammation) by Mast cells in the skin. Further is has been shown to thicken the skin by stimulating the number and size of fat cells. Both effects reduce the allergic reaction that causes the underlying inflammation responsible for skin conditions in dogs.

Vitamin H

Also called Biotin, it is needed in very small quantities indeed to achieve normal functions. However it has been demonstrated that when present in large concentrations (5mg/10kilo body weight) then skin health and hair growth is dramatically increased.

Algae extract (source of trace elements)Zinc Gluconate (zinc deficiency can lead to poor skin and hair)


Dermal O3 is presented in 350mg capsules that can be fed alone, in a treat or opened and sprinkled on food. Feed one capsule per day for every 10kg of your dogs bodyweight.

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Dermal O3 - 60 Capsules

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